Parade of Homes

One of the things I love about Utah is the Parade of Homes.  This year I went with my friends Chelsea, Tina, and Melinda.  There were definitely a few homes that were pretty blog-worthy.

The first house we checked out was uber modern.  Now, I like modern, but this one was pretty out of this world.

Lights above the kitchen table

Kitchen table

I didn't mind the kitchen cabinets at first, but then one of the builders told us they were patterned after the freezers where they keep dead bodies in morgues.  I didn't have much of an appetite after that.

I was actually kind of in love with that coffee table.  Definitely a conversation piece. 

The house came equipped with a slide...

and a wickety whacked bathroom counter....

Our favorite house was one that had been completely demo'd and rebuilt.  It was classy and traditional, with a few modern lines.

But the house that made my PoH ticked really worth the money was this little guy:

No joke, there were a bazillion cars parked outside and we probably only saw a total of 12 people. No cramped spaces here.

Still in awe of this beast.  I think the wind-blown hair is dead sexy on us, don't you?

Here are a few of the stats:
6 bedrooms (including an Asian room, complete with 2 mattresses on the floor), 7.5 bathrooms, $2 million, 15,043 square feet.  

They had a lot of castle-esque windows, to keep to with the theme of the house.

But the main thing that made this place a true castle:

You've GOT to be kidding me.  Full blown suits of armor leading into the Master Suite.

I'll take one of these please....

But this place wouldn't be complete without

a dance studio

A wood burning pizza oven and homemade root-beer on tap

And an indoor pool

For some reason, my house felt extra tiny after touring this place.

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