falling for fall

So, it is still a bazillion degrees here in Utah, but I have been flipping through my 750 page Vogue September issue and am seeing new fall fashions pop up all over the blogs and it is getting me excited for cooler weather and changing leaves.  It's going to get a little tricky for me being pregnant, but I'm hoping I can make most of the styles work.  Here are a few of my top pics for this season:

perfect fall blazers that aren't too short, with structured shoulders

lace galore.  I think this shirt would even work with a growing tummy.
love these heather gray trousers, especially the cuff at the bottom.  Do these come in maternity??

chunky cableknit ponchos.  cozy and oversized.

maxi skirts, maxi skirts, maxi skirts.   they were great for summer and transition perfectly into fall.  and can we say 'stretchy waistband'??  I may have a little tricks up my sleeve for creating your own perfect maxi here pretty soon....
long lightweight cardigans.  love the sleeves on this one.

essie: mezmerised
pops of  cobalt are going to be everywhere, and I think a polish is a great inexpensive way to add it to your wardrobe.

flowy mid-calf skirts


 maybe I can use my growing tummy as a fashion accessory.  or maybe I'll just wear a lot of black..

 but long flowy skirts are going to be my main go-to this season

any suggestions for maternity fall style?  I was pregnant with Bradley in the summer, so skirts and sandals were a no-brainer.  I think it might be a little more tricky with this one...