I have been thinking about getting lash extensions off and on and was thrilled when Amanda Romney contacted me and asked if I wanted to test drive a pair.  My hesitation on getting them is that they would look crazy fake.  I just wanted something a little more naturally looking, slightly longer than my normal lashes, with more of a cay-eye curl.  Amanda did a fabulous job and I would highly recommend her if you are in the Utah area looking for someone to do your lashes.  

Aside from the fact that I got to lay in an uber comfy chair with my feet propped up and eyes closed for  a few hours (heaven), I love the fact that I don't have to worry about curling or putting mascara on my lashes in the morning!   It cuts my make-up time almost in half.  And I don't look completely homeless on my early morning runs to the grocery store in sweats and a messy bun.

For anyone interested, you can contact Amanda Romney at 801-691-4874 (texts are just fine).  She's great at doing exactly what you ask for and super nice and adorable.