crib bedding

Lets talk crib bedding for a bit, shall we?

When I was pregnant with Bradley, I spent countless hours looking for the perfect bedding for his crib.  I knew I didn't really want a "theme" or (heaven forbid) any kind of characters for the bedding.  I of course fell in love with Serena & Lily bedding, but couldn't convince my husband, or myself for that matter, that it was worth the $350.  So I decided to make my own.  I was really picky about how I wanted it all to look (the thickness of the bumpers, piping, ties, etc) and bought a few crib bedding patterns but they just didn't cut it.  I got some great foam bumper pads that my coworker wasn't using that were the perfect thickness (about 2" wide), and decided to take my own measurements and make it how I wanted it.  

Fast forward to today when I am extremely glad that I was so detailed in my notes for the bedding the first time around, because it really made Cash's new crib bedding a lot less painful to make.  Don't get me's still a pain.  But it's worth it to get just the look you want.  

Before I show you pictures of the new nursery/big boy room, here are some before shots of Bradley's bedding:


front bumper: Wallpaper Roses lime, back bumper:  Swirly Buds ice blue, skirt: Mod Bead ice blue (all Heather Bailey fabric)

A few months after Bradley's bedding, I made my good friend Sandra her little girl's bedding for her baby shower.  I love the color and fabric she chose.

I put her bedding on my crib just to show her what it looked like.  In her little Sophie's nursery she painted the walls that gorgeous purple to match the ties and it looks amazing!

front bumper: lil plain jane, back bumper: citron garden pindot, skirt: gray quarter dot (all Michael Miller fabric)

I don't make custom crib bedding simply because I don't have the time, but I will be posting all of the measurements that I used, along with a piping tutorial in the near future to help out any uber picky "Icantfindtheperfectbedding" myself.

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