This Fathers Day I've taken a lot of time to reflect on the role that my father has played in my life.  A daddy's girl at heart, it took a little longer than most for me to realize that I didn't get to marry my Dad in a castle when I grew up.  He was my Prince Charming and I wanted to marry a man that had every characteristic that he did.  

When he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer it was like a stab to the heart.  I was just getting ready to finish up college and well on my way to marrying my high school sweet heart.  At only 20, I was faced with the awful reality that he might not be around long enough to attend my college graduation or dance with at my wedding.  In the final precious year of his life, I did all I could to preserve every moment I was with him.  I just wanted to be in his presence as long as possible.  When things looked like they weren't getting better, and starting to go down-hill fast, my dad and I recorded a song together that I have treasured.  The words in the song perfectly capture my love for him more eloquently than I ever could.  This song was played at his funeral, one year after his diagnosis.

Today at church my mom taught a lesson on the importance of fathers to some of the teenage girls.  As church was just about to end, I was walking down the hall, and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the familiar voice of my Dad.  I snuck into the room next to my mom's class, and listened as she played our duet to the girls.  I sat down in that dark room and let my dads beautiful voice consume me.  I buried my face in my hands, and had myself a real good ugly cry.  I needed to hear his voice today and I will be forever grateful that we recorded this song together.  I thought I would share it on such a fitting day.  The song is called My Father, My Daughter, and you can listen to it here.

Here's to every little girls first Prince Charming.

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