Summer Shift Dress Tutorial

With the summer heat kicking into high gear, I have been dying to create this simple, basic, t-shirt meets shift dress look.  It is the perfect piece to add variety to my summer wardrobe This dress has been on my mental "to do" list for quite some time, and I must say, it's everything I've imagined it would be.

Click through below for the tutorial...


 * I always create the patterns for my garments first rather than cutting right into the fabric.  It makes it really easy to make more of the same garment in the future because I know I will get the right fit.

 * You cut your neckband shorter than your measurement because it will keep your neckband from stretching and folding open while you wear it.  It is cut with the stretch running width-wise, so you will need to pull the neckband as you pin and sew.

 This will give you a nice pointed V.  I also clipped into the selvage a bit so that it would iron flat.
 * I stitched the ends together (R sides together) right before I attached the neckband.

Serge or straight stitch using a stretch stitch to attach the neckband.

* I folded the sleeves and dress bottom under about 3/4" and stitched it with a double needle.

I've made 5 of these so far.  I can't help myself!  They are comfy, easy to pull on, and super versatile.  I can't wait to show you how I style the others!

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