With all the directions that my life is currently pulling me in, I really appreciate a good blog that I can hop on and get great style tips and trends, like "boom!  this is hot/beautiful/well designed.  you are now in the know and can go back to building that train track."  I would love to spend hours perusing the deep dark hole Pinterest, but sometimes all I have are 3 minutes.  Maybe.  The babes over at Beauty Glam Now skim all the good stuff off the top and keep you hip and current.  Not that I'm all that hip.  I made a Spice Girls reference with my babysitter last weekend and got a great big blank stare.

Hop on over to Beauty Glam Now and take a gander through their Gold Hanger Favs, past Trend Reports, and favorite recipes.  They are a fantastic follow on Instagram as well.  Your babysitter will thank me later.    

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