I am a gift giver all the way.  I love giving gifts.  I love getting them, don't get me wrong, but giving them is so much more of a thrill for me.  But I struggle sometimes with finding the perfect gift.  I teamed up with Zappos to help me cultivate the perfect Christmas gift for one of my very best friends (really, she should be my sister) Merrick.  Now, if you follow Merrick, you know she has incredible style and with that comes an incredible closet.  What do you give someone like that?! I bet you have someone similar on your Christmas shopping list. 

Zappos was the right place to hunt for a gift because it has everything you can imagine.  Clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc from a crazy amount of different brands.  They also have a pretty genius guide guide that lets you shop by price point.  So all I needed to do was think of the item and color/style she would like it in, and I knew I would find plenty of options.  It was also so helpful that with their fast, free shipping, I would get her gifts in time for our gift exchange that was only a week away.   


Merrick: 1 / 2 / 3                                          Leanne: 1 / 2 / 3

Since Merrick is a bootie girl (really love the sound of that) I got her these adorable booties.  I knew she didn't have any in gray, and it's a color that can go with anything.  Following along with Fall items, I have a hat that she loves, so I found this one that is similar.  I knew I wanted it to be charcoal, and I knew I wanted a fedora style.  Zappos let me quickly narrow down the hundreds of hat options by letting me pick the specific style of hat and color that I wanted.  Since she has lots of larger purses, I thought I would go more of an unexpected route with this clutch.  Again, I was able to utilize the detailed category selection tool on Zappos and find what I was looking for without too much hunting.

Merrick really nailed my style with the items she selected for me.  She knows that I love all the tortoise shell things.  I also have an obsession with Kate Spade.  Combine those into sunglasses and you better believe these beauties aren't coming off my face for a while.  I cracked up when she got me these "official fashion blogger shoes".  I swear, I'm the only one who didn't own a pair.  And great minds think alike with this amazing Fall floppy hat.  I am so excited to wear it!

Zappos made this gift exchange easy, because I knew that if there was anything she didn't love, or an item that didn't quite fit me right, there would be no problem returning it with their 365 day return policy. Here's to a stress free shopping season!

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