(View the Second Trimester and Third Trimester posts below. Also, see all of my maternity looks from my #leannesbabybump from Instagram right here!)

With this being my third pregnancy, I have gotten a pretty good feel as to the changes that my body makes as I progress during pregnancy. Dressing your baby bump can be so much fun, but it can also be a little bit awkward...especially during the beginning stages of your pregnancy when it just looks like you had a big dinner. With this pregnancy, my tummy popped at about 8 weeks, much sooner than it did with my previous pregnancies. But I was trying to hide it because I wanted to wait until 13 weeks to tell people. Don't ask me why. Maybe because I wanted to get past the scary first trimester and actually see my baby in an ultrasound, but maybe because the longer you wait to tell people, the shorter your pregnancy seems. Either way, the pieces I selected for your first trimester are perfect for hiding a bump if you aren't quite ready to tell people, or for hiding the semi bump slash big lunch slash what are these new love handles doing here.

I'll start off by saying that as far as pants go, I still wear my normal pants. By the end of the first trimester they are a bit tight, but I can still get away with them by looping an elastic through the button hole and fastening it around the button. It's the easiest trick in the book.

I have divided my favorite essentials into 6 categories. These are pieces that I wore literally everyday of my first trimester.


My criteria for tops is that they must be well made (ie: wont shrink and be too short/boxy after one wash), and cute enough that I will want to wear them after I am done with my pregnancy. I am singing the hallelujah chorus that loose tops are all the rage right now. They are perfect for the first trimester. Especially tops that have a tupil hem (dip down slightly in the front/back) And if you get any one item from this post, get these tops (I have 3). They are $12 and fantastic. I got mine in a large. (I would normally get a small/med, but the large last through washes and stay oversized)


THE best. And such a necessity. When I get pregnant, my butt gets pregnant too. No matter how many squats I do. Having something long and lightweight to throw on top of a shirt or dress hides all that extra stuff, and adds interest to your outfit! I am constantly drawn to maternity looks with long kimonos or cardigans. Fantastic and flattering. I have this one and this one.


It's no secret that I love me some maxi's. I design them and sell maxi skirts in my shop for crying out loud! Maxi dresses and skirts are every pregnant woman's dream. They are comfy, pretty, and pregnant women glow in them. It's a proven fact. These will last you your entire pregnancy, but specifically for the first trimester, they are a welcome change from those pants getting a bit snug.


Bless these dresses. They are masters at hiding a growing bump. They are so on trend right now and so perfect for the first trimester.


Definitely a sister to the cardigans/kimonos, but I gave these their own category. Blazers really dress up a look if you have a hot date, or girls night out to go to. But the blazers I picked are specifically for the first trimester because they are longer than normal. Shorter blazers aren't going to cover what you don't really want shown. I have this one, this one, and this one and I love them to pieces.

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View the Second Trimester and Third Trimester posts below. Also, see all of my maternity looks from my #leannesbabybump from Instagram right here!

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