My hair has a natural wave to it.  The kind of wave that causes it to get pouffy and frizzy the second I encounter humidity. Years of bleaching my hair has only made it worse. Because I live in Southern California and deal with humidity on a daily basis, I've had to rely heavily on my straightener to keep my hair from going "Mufasa" on me (ie: morph into a lion's mane). My hair washing, blow drying, straightening hair routine is a long one. I try to wash my hair only once a week because I dread this lengthy process.

I recently tried a new at-home frizz eliminating system called TextureTame. Have you heard of it? OH my goodness it's a game changer. I've always wanted to try Keratin treatments at my salon, but I simply don't have 3-4 hours every 2 months to devote to it. I did the 3 step at home treatment with TexureTame and saw immediate incredible results! I'm in love! 

Before I used TextureTame my hair was looking dull. It was so full of product and was in desperate need of a boost. I hated wearing my hair straight because it was looking so dry and damaged at the ends. After I used TextureTame's 3 step treatment, my hair was glossy, vibrant, and I barely even needed to use a straightener! Honestly! I didn't think I could get this kind glossy straight hair without having to straighten (and damage) every strand of my hair.

TextureTame is a three-part process that you can do at home to permanently eliminate frizz and strip your hair of any product buildup that causes dullness. It doesn't have any harmful or toxic chemicals either. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Eliminate treatment- This step takes 30 minutes and only needs to be done every 3 months. It doesn't smell the greatest...and because of this I was a bit skeptical. But boy does this stuff work!

Step 2: Moisture Lock treatment- This step takes 15 minutes and can be used once a week to keep hair super soft.

Step 3: Finish treatment- This step can be used as often as you want to dry or damp hair. It helps enhance shine and protect your hair from any additional damage.

This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone looking to step up their hair game! Plus, all Elle Apparel readers can get 30% off a 3 month supply of TextureTame by following this link.

I really love this product. Its much more cost and time effective than going into a salon for a similar treatment. And it WORKS. I'll just let my handy little animated GIF do the talking...

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