Mornings around our house can be hectic. Chances are I went to bed the night before way later than I should have, and I usually wake up with my mind racing through what I need to get done that day. The thing is...I'm not a morning person. But with my schedule, I can't afford to sleep in (um...ever). So to get my body and mind up and running in the mornings, I've come up with 3 easy ways to get my day started. They are simple, natural, and help me wakeup!

Wake up my face.
The first thing I do when I get out of bed is wash my face and brush my teeth. I used to just wash my face with warm water before applying my SPF and makeup. However, I've been using a few products from Skinfix's newly launched Face Collection that have helped my face look a little less sleep deprived. Instead of washing with only water, I use Skinfix's Foaming Oil Cleanser. I don't like to dry out my skin by using harsh soaps in the morning, and this cleanser is super gentle. It's coconut based, so it hydrates my skin better than plain water does.

Another product I love from Skinfix is their Brightening Eye Cream. I used to only use eye creams at night because they are usually too thick to wear under my makeup. This one is a lightweight, quick absorbing lotion with natural botanicals that help minimize my dark circles and puffiness under my eyes, which I tend to notice in the morning. A little goes a long way, so I dab a tiny bit under my eyes to wake them up before applying my makeup.


Wake up my mind.
I have shopping lists, multiple calendars, and various to do lists all throughout my phone, but chances are when I go to check those lists, I get lost in social media and end up forgetting why I even picked up my phone. Since the beginning of 2016 I've started physically writing down everything I need to do for the day with an actual pen and paper in the morning. There is something energizing about writing and crossing things off. It clears my mind to just glance down at my notebook and know what I need to do for the day. This might sounds really simple and silly, but it works! It's quick, it's unplugged, and it preps me mentally.

Wake up my body:
I've changed a lot of my diet this year and have been trying to eat really clean and natural. I avoid sugar and a lot of processed foods (you can read more about my daily meals here). Instead of reaching for caffeine to energize me in the morning, I've been making this natural honey lemon tea to get me jumpstarted. I lost my voice a few weeks back and this tea really helped my vocal chords. It's so good and only take 3 ingredients. I boil enough water to fill my mug, squeeze 1/2 a lemon into the hot water, and add about 1 TBSP. of honey and stir!

I love adding these 3 simple steps to my morning routine. I will probably never be a true morning person, but this sure helps me fake it!

In partnership with Skinfix / Photography by Kendra Maarse

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