Mother's Day is next weekend, so I've had my eye out for the perfect gift for my mom. One of my fondest memories of her growing up was her leaning over above me at the piano as she showed me how to play a new piece of music. My mom always smelled amazing. To this day any time I smell my mom's floral scented perfume, it takes me back to our piano lessons. 


I thought a pretty new floral scented perfume would make a great gift for her this Mother's Day. I stopped by Nordstrom and they have so many new amazing perfumes out for spring. I own the original Miss Dior by Dior scent, but they have a new version of the scent called "Blooming Bouquet" and it smells amazing! Right when I smelled the mix of roses and jasmine in this perfume, I knew it was perfect for my mom. 

To keep with the "Blooming Bouquet" theme, I lined the inside of a simple white box with pretty pink roses and I'm so obsessed with how it turned out! I love making a little mini presentation out of gifts. It really shows that thought and love were put into them.


Then, instead of wrapping the box, I topped it with a mini bouquet to freshen up her kitchen! 

I also took photo of us from when I was a baby (I see a little bit of baby Eli in me!) and printed it in black and white on some card stock to make a hanging tag. It really adds a personal touch I know she will love.

I grabbed a sample of the perfume at the Nordstom beauty department when I bought the bottle, just to test it out and make sure it was a scent that would last. I love that Nordstrom does that. It's also such an easy exchange if it didn't end up lasting long. I might have to add it to my own Mother's Day wish list! Nordstrom has so many other amazing new perfumes and beauty items. Have you seen the new Voluspa candle scents they have there? This one is my new favorite. One of those candles would be so cute with this wrapping technique as well!

I linked to a few of my other current favorite perfumes. I'm such a sucker for floral scents and you can never go wrong giving a gift that smells like heaven!

Shop my look below..

in partnership with Nordstrom  |  photography by Kendra Maarse

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