Yesterday was Bradley's last official day of kindergarten, and that means that summer is here in the Barlow house! It certainly felt like summer. We baked in the 90 degree sun at the park after school! Poor B was really sad for the year to come to an end. He loves school and loves getting to be with his friends. 

This weekend I am going to put together a summer bucket list with the boys and write down everything we want to do while school is out. I really want to try to get out to the beach a few times a month. We loved spending so much time on the beach while we were in Hawaii, and the boys love it.

I wore this suit from ModCloth while we were in Hawaii last week, and I love it! I saw the suit in person about a month ago, and I couldn't get it out of my head. When we booked our trip for Hawaii I knew that was one that needed to come with me. The pink and chartreuse are so cute and vibrant, and it is one of the most flattering high-waisted suits I've ever tried on. ModCloth makes so many really cute unique suits. I was pouring through all of their swim options and saw so many cute suits I had never seen before (like this one and this one). And I just couldn't resist bringing along this blow up flamingo. Even though Garrett rolled his eyes at me, it was so fun to float around on at the beach. We made quite the spectacle on our way down to the ocean, but we had the cutest flotation device in all the land, so we didn't care. ModCloth also had this cute watermelon float that I almost got instead!

Happy summer!

in partnership with Modcloth

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