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In our new place, we have a lot of space over our kitchen cabinets.  I knew I wanted to do a little accessorizing up there, but I was trying to figure out what I could do without it looking cluttered or busy.  I wanted something light and fresh, that was a little more unexpected.

Thus began my love affair with milk glass

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I knew I needed to get my hands on some beautiful milk glass vases.  And fast.  That empty space about the cabinets was driving my crazy.

I figured that the cheapest and fastest (did I mention cheapest?) way to get this look was to create my own milk glass.  So I ventured down to trusty D.I. with Bradley and a bottle of hand sanitizer in tow, and picked up every vase I could find with nice lines.

With the exception of the white pitcher which I already had, I grabbed all these beauties for a grand total of $12.

I also picked up a few cans of high gloss white paint

threw on some latex gloves to protect my manicure

set up shop in my garage, and started spraying away

I loved the look of them instantly.  I sprayed on about 4 coats of paint give or take.  The trick is to spray evenly and not too close.  And have the patience to wait for the paint to dry in between coats.  Luckily it only took about 10 min to dry per coat.

When I got them all sufficiently coated and dried, it was time to arrange them.

I added a few pieces that I already had, and you can hardly tell the difference between the real and the fake ones.  It was just the look I was going for.  Clean, great lines, and cohesive. 

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