hospital approved

top: me, blazer: Banana Republic, jeans: J. Crew, shoes: Nordstrom Bouquet; jewelry: Michael Kors, Juicy, c/o A Beautiful Heart

I got this lightweight heather gray material at a fabric store that was going out of business in California.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it since it was so lightweight.  But after my long loose top obsession, I had my answer.  I wear this top probably more than would be socially acceptable.  But it is so soft and is easily dressed up with a blazer, or down with some comfy leggings.  It also works great if you have to throw something on last minute for a late night trip to the ER because your 3 year old threw some pens on the floor and then proceeded to fall on top of your 7 month old who stuck one of those pens in his mouth at that very moment.  


Luckily no stitches were needed and the wound is quickly healing.  But man kids can give you a heart attack sometimes! 

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