dress: My Beloved...from Soel Boutique; cardigan: me, shoes: 9 west, purse: Tory Burch, jewelry: Juicy, Nachelle, ring is vintage from my Grandma, nails: Dark Navy by ELF 

You know when you have an idea in your head for a while and it takes you forever before you finally have the time to create it?  That's what happened with this cardigan.  I have had that navy knit and those gold buttons (both from the fabric district) for months now, with the intention of creating a cardigan.  But I guess things like pregnancy, giving birth, and an attention demanding toddler sometimes force you into a sewing hiatus.

I purchased this dress a few weeks ago.  It was a little "yay you just birthed a human" gift from the hubs.  I knew I couldn't wear it until the cardigan was complete, so I morphed myself into a baby whisperer and got both boys to sleep at the same time and pumped this sucker out.  I love the feel of this knit.  It is a little thicker than a jersey and fantastic quality.  It has a little bit of a blazer look to it, which I love.  I'm excited to incorporate it into my daily wardrobe.  It's a staple piece if I ever saw one.

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