maxi skirt: dress it down

Over the next few days, I wanted to show you a handful of other maxi skirts I made (tutorial here).  I have a closet full of them now, and even though I have a lot more clothing options now that I'm no longer preggers, they are still so easy and SO comfortable to pull on.  Plus, I wanted to show you that they work great with or without a bump.

Maxi Skirt option 1:
dress it down

top: Express, Skirt: me, Sunnies: UO, shoes: Steve Madden, Jewlery: Nachelle charm necklace, gift, vintage bracelet, polish: China Glaze- Re-fresh Mint & Orly- Rage

The weather lately reminds me so much of California weather.  I just feel like it puts me in a better mood and makes me carefree and relaxed.  I love the easy relaxed California style, so with this skirt I wanted to keep it simple with my favorite v-neck white tee, gladiators, long loose curls, and a few chunkier pieces of metallic jewelry just for a little kick. 


I made this same skirt for a client last year and finally got around to making one for myself.  I am in love with the heather gray and ruffles along the bottom.  The ruffles give it some weight, and its fun to see them move around as I walk.

I followed the same steps that I did on this maxi tutorial, except I just did a 2" wide waistband instead of the yoga waistband (so just fold a 4" wide waistband in half lengthwise).  For the row of ruffles along the bottom, I made the skirt about 6 inches shorter than I wanted it, and added a row of ruffles that were 6" and 3 1/2" wide.  To get the ruffles, I just measures the entire circumference of the very bottom of the skirt, then cut out two strips of fabric (one 6" and one 3 1/2") that were double the length of the circumference.  I then placed the 2 long strips on top of each other with the ends matched up at the top, made a basting stitch all along the top, and gathered and gathered until it measured the original circumference.  Then I pinned it along the bottom of the skirt, right sides together with the bottom of the ruffles pointing up, and serged them all together.

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